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Building images with Dockerfiles

Learn to build docker images with a Dockerfile

Setting up docker-ce in ubuntu16.04

Steps to install docker-ce on ubuntu 16.04LTS

Setting up PHP 7.1 on Ubuntu 16.04

Steps to install php7.1 on ubuntu 16.04LTS

Token based Authentication using Flask,SQLite and AngularJS

Building a Flask App with User Authentication in AngularJS using tokens

Setting up SSH Keys in Github

how to setup ssh keys in github

Setting up flask migrations

How to setup database migrations in flask

Setting up SSH Keys in Gitlab

how to setup ssh keys in gitlab

Cryptocurrency Trading

Learn more about cryptocurrency

Flask App Configuration

Configuring a Flask App

Cool Websites

Interesting links

Setting Up Flask

Part-2 Setting up our flask application

Useful Tools For Developers

List of tools useful for Web Developers and Designers

Installing Python3.6 Ubuntu 16.04

Learn how to setup python3 for your project

Docker Basics

Learn to use docker (basic commands)

How to build a RESTFUL API using Node

Using Node Express and Mongodb to create a REST API

Using Git Like Pro

Learn how to use all git commands

MEAN Web Development - Part 1

Getting Started with MEAN Stack Web Development

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