Moving From Wordpress to Jekyll

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Written on July 12, 2017

So, I finally decided to move to jekyll. Ask Why ?

I have been working on Wordpress from last 2 years, its good for bloggers. But …

  • My Blog was running Slow - Even If i get good servers. Wordpress was always a headache when it comes to loading dynamic content.
  • My Blog goes down on increased traffic - My servers were fine !
  • My Blog was not secure - I always had spam users and security issues in my plugins and themes.
  • Installing more plugins made my site dead - This is the major problem.
  • Wordpress itself - As a Framework, you can’t always depend on it.

I need a way out ! So Jekyll :D

Jekyll is a static blog generator. This means, instead of installing server-side software that’s built with a language like PHP, you use the command line on your local computer to generate static files (HTML, CSS, etc).

It got everything you need and the writing experience, for me it was unparallel. No more breaking and code bugs as its not at all complex. You can build your own templates and it loads your pages blazing fast.

Super Easy to Configure and easily portable.